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Mink Lash Starter Kit

Mink Lash Starter Kit

Product Code: JM035
Product Tags: Lashes, Lash Kits, One By One Mink Kit

Brand: BO.LASH
  • €120.00 (ex VAT)
A One by One eyelash extension treatment is an eyelash treatment where the eyelash extensions are attached one by one, hair by hair, to the natural eyelashes.

The One by One eyelash extensions are synthetic, individual, permanently curled hairs, are waterproof and easy to apply with one of the BO. Tweezers. The more natural eyelashes the client has, the more One by One eyelash extensions can be applied. The One by One eyelash extensions are placed one by one on the natural eyelash using extension glue.

Features & benefits

No use of cold eyelash curler, this is one of the most harmful tools for the natural lashes
The One by One eyelash extensions remain in place for 3 to 4 weeks. It is recommended to refill the One by One eyelash extensions after the 2nd/3rd week
Lets your eyes really pop
The treatment is completely painless
Not harmful to natural lashes
Super light weight eyelash extensions
Not distinguishable from real hair
You can do anything 24 hours after treatment, such as wearing makeup, showering and sports
Content One by One Starter Kit:

Make-up Cleaning Lotion 50ml
Primer 3ml
Fast Adhesive 8gr
Lash Mix Tray
Mascara Brush 25pcs
Micro Brush 100pcs
Foam Brush
Treatment Applicator 25pcs
Tweezer Set
Nourishing Eye Patch 10pcs
Surgical Tape
Glue Ring 12pcs
Air Puffer
Adhesive Stickers 250pcs
Lash Palette
Nail Wipes

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