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BO.LASH Tweezer Set

Product Code: JM109
Product Tags: Lashes, Lash Tools, Tweezers

Brand: BO.LASH
  • €15.95 (ex VAT)
The stainless steel tweezers of the BO. Tweezer Set are used to place eyelash extensions and to separate the natural eyelashes in order to place the eyelashes in preparation for the service. The Bo. Angled Tweezer is bent at a 45 degree angle making it easy to pick up lash extensions and fan the lash extensions. The Bo. Pointed Tweezer has an extra sharp point that makes it easy to separate the natural lashes.

Features & Benefits

Stainless steel
Designed with a 45 degree angled angle to create a SMART Volume fan
2 tweezers in a duo pack
Angled Tweezers
pointed tweezers
Ideal shape for precision work
Ideal length
Can be used by both left and right handed technicians
Light weight
Easy to disinfect
Comes in a box

Take the BO. Angled Tweezer in the hand that you will use to place the SMART Volume eyelash extensions. After you have separated the natural lash with the BO. Pointed Tweezer, then use the BO. Angled Tweezer to pick up the lash extension. Dip the fan in the glue and place this fan on the separated natural lash. Always disinfect the tweezers before and after the treatment.