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Foam Application Brush

Foam Application Brush

Product Code: JM031
Product Tags: Lashes, Lash Tools, Foam Brush

Brand: BO.LASH
  • €5.95 (ex VAT)
The BO.Foam Brush is used to clean the eyes with the BO.Make-up Remover Foam. Due to the soft hairs no damage can be caused to the lashes. The Foam Brush can be cleaned easily with BO.Make-up Cleaning Lotion. For disinfection you can use 70% alcohol.

Features & benefits

Easy to hold
Soft hairs which do not damage the lashes
Can be used in combination with the BO. Make-up Remover Foam
Easy to clean with water

Place a small amount of BO.Make-up Remover Foam onto the BO.Foam Brush. Make soft circular movements to remove all traces of make-up from the lashes. Then clean the BO.Make-Up Cleaning Lotion from the eyes using the BO.Foam Brush.

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