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Micro Brush 100pc

Micro Brush 100pc

Product Code: JM030
Product Tags: Lashes, Lash Tools, Micro Brushes

Brand: BO.LASH
Pack Size: 100 Pack
  • €4.95 (ex VAT)
The fluff free BO. Micro Brushes are ideal for applying a BO. Primer onto the natural eyelashes. Due to its small size it is able to reach everywhere, and application is gradual.

Features & benefits

Use only once
Small brush and can reach many lashes
Packaging has a handy opening
Available per 100 pcs

Place enough primer onto two Micro Brushes and apply carefully onto the natural lashes. Hold one Micro Brush underneath the eyelashes and the other on the upper side of the eyelash and spread the BO. Primer evenly onto the lashes.

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