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Lifting Lotion No2

Lifting Lotion No2

Product Code: JM027
Product Tags: Lashes, Lash Lift, Lifting Lotion

Brand: BO.LASH
  • €19.95 (ex VAT)
5 x 1ml Sachets

BO.Lash Fixing Lotion 2 restores sulfur bridges
and fixes the curl.

# Enhances lashes lifting right from the roots
# Creates the illusion of lash lengthening
# Easy to use
# Lasting approx. 6-8 weeks depending on the
natural lash cycle
# Natural looking # Opens up the eyes
# Lotion does not run
# Ideal to use in combination with the BO. Glue Ring
# Convenient sachet
# Paraben-free, Sulfates-free, Phthalates-free &
# Content: 1 ml per sachet

1. After removing BO.Lash Perming Lotion #1 apply BO.Lash Fixing Lotion #2.
2. For this step make sure you use a new BO.Glue Ring. Place a drop of BO.Lash Fixing Lotion #2 into
the ring. Apply the BO.Lash Fixing Lotion #2 onto the eyelashes in a straight line with a BO. Lotion
Application Brush. Start as close as possible near the natural eyelash line and spread it upwards to
2/3 of the eyelash. Do not spread any BO.Lash Fixing Lotion onto the ends of the eyelashes to avoid
splitting ends.
3. Repeat until all lashes are covered with the lotion.
4. Allow the BO.Lash Fixing Lotion #2 to soak in. Consider the type and thickness of lashes. Fine hairs 5-
6 min. Coarse, thick hairs 6-7 min.
5. Use the BO.Treatment Applicator to remove the BO.Lash Fixing Lotion #2 from the lashes. Gently
brush the lotion away from the lashes. Then wipe the excess lotion with the BO.Treatment
Applicator on a Cleansing Wipe. Continue until the lotion is completely removed from the lashes.
6. After removing the lotion with the BO.Treatment Applicator, use a damp Cleansing Wipe and gently
rub it over the eye.
7. You should not wet your lashes for 48 hours after the treatment, but after that, the Lash Lift will last
for 6-8 weeks

Once opened is there a correct way to store?
The best way to open is to make a little hole in it. When you are finished using it you can put a little piece of lash tape over the hole.
This can be used within 1-2 days once opened.

-Do all clients need to be re-patch tested with the new solutions?

-How many sets roughly per sachet?
The sachet can be used for 2-4 Clients

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