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Vanilla Fragrance Shot 50ml

Vanilla Fragrance Shot 50ml

Product Code: CT12
Product Tags: Tan, Tanning, Tan Scents

Brand: Cocktail Tan
Scent: Vanilla
Size: 50ml
  • €5.00 (ex VAT)
Cocktail Custom Spray Tanning is a simple tanning system that allows the professional tan therapist to offer a custom tan for their clientele.

Cocktail Tan Solutions:
A fragrance free spray tan available in 4 strengths of DHA - 8%,10%, 12% & 14%.
Directions: Use approx. 2oz per full body.

Fragrance Shot Drops:
Are optional to add to the tan solutions.
Available in 4 fragrances - Cherry, Coconut, Mango, Vanilla. Let your clients decide their favourite scent to smell while their tan develops.
Directions: Simply add 5 drops per 2oz for a full body tan, stir, shake or mix and spray!

Tan Bomb:
These 50% DHA Drops will take any strength in the tan solution 1% higher.
Directions: Simply add 10 drops per 2oz for a full body tan, stir, shake or mix and spray!

This unique custom blend of spray tan will keep your clientele coming back for more and more. The range is manufactured from Premium Natural & Certified Organic Ingredients. The range is free from Alcohol & Paraben.

Regardless of the clients mix selection the tan treatment will develop within 6-8 hours. Whilst the tan is developing 6-8 hours ask the clients to Avalon coming in contact with water.

The colour guide can be washed off after the 6-8 hours developing time. The results will last up to 1

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