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Chrome Powder Moonglade

Product Code: MRN18
Product Tags: Nails, Nail Art, Chrome Powder

  • €11.95 (ex VAT)
Sky blue to hot pink chrome shift.

1-gram jar. Create stunning, mirror-like, chrome nail art that shifts color in the light.

Application Instructions:
STEP 1: Prep the nail and apply the base coat.
STEP 2: Apply a gel polish and cure.
STEP 3: Apply no cleanse top coat and cure.
STEP 4: Rub the Mirano powder onto the nails.
STEP 5: Remove the excess powder.
STEP 6: Apply top coat and cap the free edge then cure.
EXTRA TIP: For an even brighter result work the nails one by one in steps 3 and 4.

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