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Brow Lamination Plastic Foil

Brow Lamination Plastic Foil

Product Code: JM105
Product Tags: Lashes, Brow Lamination, Plastic Foil

Brand: BO.LASH
  • €4.95 (ex VAT)
The BO. Brow Lift Plastic Foil is a plastic transparent foil that allows you to cover the eyebrows so that the hair stays in place during the Brow Lift treatment. In addition, this foil ensures that the vapors do not evaporate from the liquid, while the liquid is being absorbed.

Features & benefits

Easy to tear
Convenient storage/user friendly packaging

Tear off the required amount of BO. Brow Lift Plastic Foil. Place the foil over the eyebrows (these eyebrows are coated with the BO. Brow Lifting/Perming Lotion. Make sure the Brow Lift Plastic Foil is placed straight/tight over the brow hair. Discard the foil immediately after use.

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