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Marvicide Manicure Jar

Marvicide Manicure Jar

Product Code: BA3
Product Tags: Salon Essentials, Salon Hygiene, Marvicide
  • €8.95 (ex VAT)
Trusted worldwide by thousands. Marvicide is a powerful, broad spectrum disinfectant which can be used as a fungicide, virucide, germicide and bactericide against gram-negative/ positive pathogenic bacteria. It kills HIV-1 (Aids virus) on hard inanimate surfaces and prevents cross-infection. Will not rust scissors, is fully biodegradable and is not tested on animals. Marvicide concentrated solution in 16 fl.oz. (473ml) & 64 fl.oz. (1.89L) is quick, effective and economical and demonstrates to staff and clients the importance you place on standards of hygiene.

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