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Hyperbolic Mascara

Hyperbolic Mascara

Product Code: EG104
Product Tags: Makeup, Eye Makeup, Mascara

Colour: Black
  • €17.07 (ex VAT)
EVAGARDEN make up Hyperbolic Mascara is a mascara with a new-generation formula for incredibly curved lashes.
With every application the eyelashes are enveloped in a soft cream, able to curve them for an irresistible look. Its brush in elastomer, soft and flexible, captures and shapes the lashes one by one for impeccable and long-lasting curvature.

The Lash Boosting Collagen (Collagen Tripeptide), thanks to its resistance and suppleness properties, helps the creamy structure of EVAGARDEN make up Hyperbolic Mascara fully envelop the lashes in a strong yet flexible film.
Hyaluronic Acid: anti-oxidant, anti-ageing.

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