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Lip Fluid Lipstick

Product Code: EG144
Product Tags: Makeup, Lip Makeup, Lipstick

Colour: 34
  • €17.80 €1.50 (ex VAT)
EVAGARDEN make up Lip Fluid: the comfort of a lipstick applied like a gloss for glossiness and extra wear. Liquid lipstick lacquer effect for a long-lasting, shining colour, pigmented like a lipstick and with a mirror-effect finish. The creamy, smooth, comfortable and melting texture immediately adheres to the lips and covers them with a rich, smooth creamy film.
Soft, voluminous and bright lips thanks to the natural active principles contained. In a single gesture: colour and wear of a classic lipstick combined with the brightness of a gloss, in a film featuring sensational wear and comfort. Intense and pure colour, absolute brightness.

Tripeptide collagen and hyaluronic acid contained carry out a rejuvenating and moisturising action, for shining and treated lips.
Vitamin E (Tocopherol): anti-aging and anti-oxidising properties.


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