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Brilliant Lip Gloss

Product Code: EG124
Product Tags: Makeup, Lip Makeup, Lip Gloss

Colour: 703
  • €16.80 €1.75 (ex VAT)
EVAGARDEN make up Brilliant Gloss for sparkling lips with crystalline brightness.
For glossy and well-looked after lips in utter comfort. The suspended crystals on a colour and transparent base cover the lips in an irreverent yet refined way.
The gloss pigment is not absorbed by the crystals, which therefore remain pure and able to reflect a greater amount of light, lending to your lips the precious light of diamonds.
Creamy and soft film, optimal wear and non-sticky texture.
More voluminous and glossier lips!

Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera) flower extract: soothing, anti-oxidant and anti-aging power.

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