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LECHAT True Glaze Buffer

LECHAT True Glaze Buffer

Product Code: LC63
Product Tags: Nails, Nail Files, Buffers

Shape: Straight
Pack Size: Single
  • €1.95 (ex VAT)
True Glaze# Buffer
Avaliable in 2 shapes.

These great buffers have been designed and manufactured with the highest quality, allowing nail professionals to give their busy clients long, luxurious, and shapely nails with a natural shine. Great for natural nails, manicures and pedicures, on Men or Women, this unique 2-step buffer will shine any nails to a True Glaze#. The flexible shape of our True Glaze# buffers allow for better coverage to get a more even shine in fewer steps.

To use:
1. Simply buff with the green side of the True Glaze# Buffer to prime the nail. (This treatment smoothes the nail surface stimulates growth and removes scratches.)

2. Next flip the buffer over and rapidly buff nails with the white side for a True Glaze# shine.


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